What we have done

Changing Places Toilet

There is a new changing places at Tesco in Stourbridge.

Access In Dudley campaigned for the new changing places. Changing Places are for people with disabilities and multiple disabilities.

We are now asking for a changing places toilet in every major town.

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Dudley Park Audits

Access in Dudley were asked by the local council to see if their parks had disability access and facilities.

The parks were checked by a team of disabled people who looked at all the paths, play equipment and seating in each park.

We wrote a report to tell the council where things could be better.

Marsh Park Brierley Hill, is not suitable for people with some disabilities.

Most parks can be used by people in a wheelchair or with a mobility need.

The parks notice board will have this information on.

Accessible Play equipment All play equipment in the local play areas and parks, was difficult for children with disabilities to get on.

Children with disabilities and their families could not play together.

Access In Dudley and ME2 worked together to find the equipment they needed so all children could play.

Access In Dudley found a wheelchair friendly roundabout, it also takes pushchairs for younger children.

These roundabouts are more expensive than others roundabouts. The council have brought two roundabouts.

You can find them in:
Stevens Park - Wollescote.
Tenscore Playpark - Sedgley.

Audio Guides

For people with a visual impairment, accessing information can be very difficult.

Dudley Council have made some access guides for places such as the glass works and the museum.

The Council hired Access in Dudley to make the audio versions of these guides.

Healthy Hubs

The Primary Care Trust (PCT) and Dudley Council have fitted a health hub in some of the parks.

This is a building that can be used by groups for exercise classes. They have staff that can help you to get fitter. These parks have outdoor exercise equipment. Access In Dudley helped to make sure all the equipment can be used.

There is a sign by the equipment. It tells you how to use the equipment. Some can be accessed from a wheelchair like the hand cycle.