Are you vulnerable, but have not received a letter from the Government?

It has become apparent that thousands of people have been missed off the Government′s “vulnerable people” list, despite meeting the criteria. Being on this list allows many vulnerable people − including those with respiratory issues or mobility impairment, and who have been advised to self isolate for at least three months − to have priority access to services, such as home delivery service provided by supermarkets. Those on the Government′s list should have received a letter in the post, specifically designating them as being vulnerable, and therefore being a priority for the services mentioned above.

Those who meet the criteria, but who the Government do not recognise on their list, will miss out on potentially urgent services that would make their lives easier to manage, especially as many of them may live alone and be unable to carry out basic tasks such as going outside for fresh air.

If you feel that you meet the criteria for the Government′s “vulnerable people” list, but have not yet received a letter from the Government, should use this link to register as vulnerable .