Black Lives Matter Support Scheme – Expressions of Interest

The following is from the Health Communities Team, part of Dudley Borough Council: We are seeking expressions of interest for the: The Black Country and West Birmingham Sustainability and Transformational Partnership (STP) Black Lives Matter Reverse Mentoring Support Scheme (BLM RMSS). 

It is essential that our health and care system reflects the UK demographics as a whole, especially when 2 of Britain′s greatest assets are our diversity and deep inter-country ties. Despite the improvements that the NHS has made on improving its overall diversity, more work is needed in the representation of racial diversity at senior grades, ensuring that the NHS is culturally diverse and embodies an inclusive thinking and performing culture. 

Evidences show that by listening, learning and embedding the lived professional expertise and experiences of ethnic minority staff into new work practices and delivery; that this produces quality improvements in working cultures and service outcomes. 

To support the above we are launching the STP Black Lives Matter Reverse Mentoring Support Scheme (BLM RMSS). This innovative and most timely required scheme will see senior leads identified within the STP Restoration and Recovery Board membership paired with ethnic minority frontline staff to address & help challenge ingrained views on what talent looks like, break down stereotypes and biases, but to also essentially establish a new model of inclusive productivity and culture in action planning, co-design and inclusive best practice. Our BLM RMSS will be a practical way for us to challenge stereotypes, improve diverse thinking and working cultural behaviours and practice. It will help us engage with fantastic people forging stronger connections and building on Black Country healthcare prosperity. 

Mentors are typically the more experienced among us who can counsel, guide and advise the next generation. But sometimes, it′s good to turn ideas on their head via Reverse Mentoring. 

Reverse Mentoring takes the skills, models and practices of a traditional mentoring dynamic: off-line support; mentee led; sharing insights and best practice; encouraging individual growth and learning. But at its core, reverse mentoring is anchored in a Parity of Equality. Also known as “upward mentoring”, reverse mentoring turns the traditional hierarchical approach to mentoring on its head. Rather than having a senior leader take a less experienced player “under their wing”, reverse mentoring relationships place the more senior person as the primary learner. 

The objective of reverse mentoring is primarily to enable leaders and senior managers to stay in touch with their organisations to be more inclusive; tackling discrimination in all shapes and forms. The advantages go both ways as more staff have an opportunity to understand and be heard resulting in organisational cultural change. This means that both individuals will have skills, knowledge, expertise and individual strengths that have value and provide a different perspective. Maximising on learning outcomes, the Scheme takes on diverse learning styles & delivery approaches; from presentation of theory, written, visual, group discussion, personal reflection, team building exercises, role play, online self-assessment, questionnaires, as well as setting pairs with project to jointly work on. 

The STP BLM RMSS is a direct response to not only 2019/20 national, regional & local Black Country STP improvement action plans, but it will also proactively respond to the publication of the Foreign Office report, ′Black skin, Whitehall: Race and the Foreign Office, 1945 to 2018′. 

It will also significantly address: 
-Adopting a proactive improvement and change plan that evidences being advocates and activists to support the international, national, regional and local ′Black Lives Matters′ Campaigns. 

-The STP pledge to deliver on addressing the acute health inequalities for ethnic minority communities; not only due to the concerning revelations of how Covid-19 affects ethnic minority population, but essentially because we have a moral and ethical duty to fully commit to equality rights. 

-Creating a network of champions reverse mentors required to help move the NHS forward. 

This is an amazing opportunity, we are seeking 10 mentors from ethnic minority backgrounds from frontline, primary care, Care Homes and third sector employments from across the Black Country and West Birmingham. 

Please email or call him on 07970 372473 to receive an Expression of Interest form. 

The closing date is Monday 5th April 2021