Dudley’s Weekly Pause – Talkin’ Tables

Talkin’ Tables are hosted weekly, with the aim of bringing people together one table at a time! Come and join in the conversation and enjoy the company of others, who think that sitting in café’s is better with company!

To find your nearest Talkin’ Table, scan the QR code below with your phone camera

Joining a talking table is easy!

  1. Look for the sign inviting people to join

2. Get comfortable – it’s an inclusive space so everyone is welcome.

If you are a café or pub manager and would like to host a Talkin’ Table, please contact Diana Thomas – dianathomas-smout@uwclub.net

If you have a short story to share, please contact Healthycommunities@dudley.gov.uk.

Dudley Daily Pause Postcard for 21st September 2022