15th Anniversary

Access in Dudley celebrated its 15th Anniversary on Saturday 8th June, at Dudley and Kingswinford Rugby Club, and it was a huge success!

Everyone had a great time, and we even managed to raise £200 through a raffle and donations! Check out some pictures of the event below:

Outstanding Service Award

Access in Dudley, a user led disabled organisation and small Dudley charity, has awarded a Dudley bus driver their first ever ‘Outstanding Service Award’ at their AGM meeting, Wednesday July 3rd.

The recipient was Matthew Hall, a 47 year old Dudley bus driver, currently transporting passengers between Stourbridge and Birmingham on the number 9 bus route based at the Stourbridge bus station.

Matthew has driven buses for the last nine years and said that he always tries to make sure that all his passengers are seated comfortably before he pulls away from a bus stop.

Mathew was nominated for the newly created award, which recognises exceptional customer service, by Tina Boothroyd, Chairman of Access in Dudley after she had experienced an awful journey on another bus but then received excellent service from Matt on another trip.

Tina was waiting for a return journey to Halesowen and Matthew pulled his bus up to the stop on Colmore Row, Birmingham and spotted her and her PA waiting to get on his bus.

Tina said, “I was in a wheelchair and everyone waiting for the bus just swarmed to get to the bus first. My PA and I couldn′t move towards the bus as there were so many people vying to get on the bus.

The driver just told them all to make room for me so he could push me onto the bus. He dropped the ramp, helped me and my assistant onto the bus and into the wheelchair position and dealt with our ticket and pass. Only then did he lift the ramp, return to the driver′s seat and allow the other passengers onto the bus. He asked where we wanted to get off and when we arrived there, he made sure we egressed the bus safely and all with a smile on his face.

This was so different to other bus journeys I have taken recently, particularly the one I experienced before, and I wanted other people to know that there are some good drivers on the buses and that sometimes it’s nice to compliment rather than complain″.

Presenting Matthew with the award, Tina said it was nice to see him again and that it was a pleasure to be able to award him the accolade.

Matthew said, “I was just doing my job. There are a lot of very good bus drivers”.

No one from the bus station was available to attend to witness the presentation but Matthew will be able to show them the glass shield and framed certificate that he was presented with.

Access in Dudley will be looking for their 2020 recipient over the next few months.


Also presented at the AGM was the Delroy Levy Volunteer of the Year Award which was presented to Anne Nicholls by Del′s Aunty Elaine. Tina′s Chairperson′s Award was presented to Anne′s sister Maggie Nicholls for all the work she does for Access in Dudley. She turns up for everything we do and does car boots to raise funds for us.

Tina also presented Del′s Aunty Elaine with flowers for coming along to the AGM.