Dudley Borough Council Issues Measures for Non-Essential Shops

From Monday 15th June, non−essential shops across the country will be re-opening. Dudley Borough Council has set out new measures to try to ensure that people stay safe outdoors, and to do what we can to try to keep Covid−19 at bay.

Main guidelines:

  • Stay at least 2 metres from people that are not from your household.
  • Where possible, do not take children shopping. This will ensure that space is only taken up by people who are actually shopping for themselves (or for those they are caring for).
  • Do not visit town centres or busy spaces if you are experiencing Covid–19 symptoms.
  • Use contactless payments where possible.
  • Be respectful of other shoppers and of retail workers.
  • Try not to touch items you do not intend to buy.
  • Wash your hands when you get home.
  • Go straight home once you have finished shopping.
  • Follow the government′s guidance, and also follow each shop′s guidance.

Please look at the images below to find more further information on how best to protect yourself and others from the Corononavirus/Covid-19.-