We have 3 awards that we give out each year at our AGM:

Jim White - Access in Dudley

Jim White Good Service Award

Jim White (24.6.1947-30.05.2021), a founder member of Access in Dudley, passed away in May 2021. The group decided to rename our Good Service Award in memory of him. Jim was instrumental in setting up AID and was responsible for finding the set-up funds of the group.

Jim was a perfect gentleman who would stop at nothing to support a cause or a person in need of help. Jim was generous in mind, body and spirit and after many years as an engineer he retired to play a vital role in his community, working with Neighbourhood Watch and Access in Dudley.

2021 Steve Waltho
2022 Lunch on the Run

Del Levy - Access in Dudley

Delroy Levy Volunteer of the Year Award

Del was the life and soul of A.I.D and DVC, another group he was committed to and for whom he represented on A.I.D. He was always willing to volunteer whatever we were doing be it bag packing in a supermarket or being sponsored to raise money, all with a huge smile on his face. He rowed 44,000 meters during our 10th birthday celebration event towards the total indoor row to cross the Atlantic. He was very vocal about discrimination and disabled rights, believing that everyone should be treated fairly, even during his final days. Del was a valued member of his groups and sadly died 12/11/2016. In his memory, this award is given to the member of Access in Dudley who has been considered by their fellow members to have contributed most to the group’s activities that year.

Delroy Levy Volunteer of the Year Award - Access in Dudley
As 2020 was the 5th anniversary of Del’s passing we decided to award it to Del’s Auntie Elaine, who has not only supported Access in Dudley over the years but was extremely active in Del’s life.
Del Levy Award - Access in Dudley

Delroy Levy Volunteer of the Year Award

2017 Lorraine Beasley
2018 Tina Boothroyd
2019 Anne Nicholls
2020 Anne Nicholls
2021 No award was presented due to COVID but a gift was presented to Elaine Blecher (Del’s Auntie) in the 5th anniversary year since Del passed away.
2022 Lynn Dugmore/Tina Boothroyd

Chairman’s Award

This is awarded by the Chairman to the member that they consider has made an outstanding contribution to the group that year.

2017 Mary Barker
2018 Anne Nicholls
2019 Maggie Nicholls
2020 Unawarded Due to Covid
2021 Unawarded Due to Covid
2022 Ceri Davies