Yesterday′s Daily Pause is from West Midlands Cycle Hire. Distinctive grey and green bikes will be available for hire from docking stations at key sites including Stourbridge Bus Station, near The Bonded Warehouse & in the town centre. This is part of a new scheme developed by West Midlands Cycle Hire. 
This scheme has been created to encourage people to be more active in their local communities as well as giving people an alternative option to using the car, reducing car journeys and local levels of pollution. 
Bikes can be hired using the Beryl Cycle Hire app, which will include Covid safety advice. Later this year they will also be available via the new Swift App. It costs £1 to unlock a bike and 5p per minute after that. A 20-minute cycle ride will cost £2 and £4 for an hour. 
You can find out more and download the Beryl Cycle Hire App at: https://www.wmcyclehire.co.uk/ 
If you have any short stories to share, please contact Healthycommunities@dudley.gov.uk.