#dudleysdailypause for Friday 25th June is Let′s Get Moving! 
Free and easy exercise videos will be shared on Dudley Council′s YouTube Channel as part of Dudley’s ‘Let’s Get Moving campaign. 
For people who don′t enjoy sports or going to the gym, you will be pleased to know it′s not all about exercise in the traditional sense, it is more about moving more throughout the day. Any task can be turned into a chance to be more active, such as hoovering for longer, shoulder stretches whilst watching TV, gardening or walking to the shops. 
The Let′s Get Moving campaign recommends that everyone tries to move and stretch for 30 minutes per day – 3 lots of 10 minutes, 6 lots of 5, it does not matter how it is split. Any time, moving can make you stronger and healthier. 
Find out more at https://lets-get.com/healthy-lifestyles/move-more/move/ 
If you have any short stories to share, please contact Healthycommunities@dudley.gov.uk.