Regenerating Dudley

Get ready to have your say and make a real impact on the future of Dudley town centre! We are thrilled to invite you to help shape the exciting proposals for the former Cavendish House site.

Situated near the bustling bus station and boasting stunning views of the town’s historic castle, this prime location has the potential to benefit from a jaw-dropping multi-million-pound private investment. Can you imagine the incredible transformation that awaits?

The council’s vision for this site is nothing short of extraordinary. They aim to create a seamless connection between Kate’s Hill and the town centre, ensuring a captivating arrival point for the new interchange. But that’s not all! They also plan to enhance public spaces, restore the area’s unique character, and revolutionize pedestrian and cycling facilities. It’s a game-changer for Dudley!

Now, here’s your chance to be a part of this groundbreaking project. The consultation period kicks off on Wednesday 26 July and runs until Wednesday 20 September 2023. That’s plenty of time for you to delve into the details and share your invaluable insights.

To learn more about this thrilling opportunity and to have your voice heard, simply visit There, you’ll find a comprehensive questionnaire waiting for you to complete. Don’t miss out on this chance to shape the future of Dudley town centre!

Excitement is in the air, and we can’t wait to see the incredible ideas and suggestions that will come pouring in. Together, let’s make Dudley shine brighter than ever before!

Regenerating Dudley